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For more than 20 years, TWX-21 has provided a global platform for various customers to make intercompany transactions. Because TWX-21 is provided as a cloud service (SaaS), users only need an internet connection and a web browser in order to access TWX-21’s wide variety of features and services.

Three features

  • A wide array of services

    Support for supply chain reform in the digital age

    TWX-21 provides various business application services that support S2C*1 processes and SCM*2. These services cover business activities in a wide range of business areas, helping customers improve their productivity by using a single service or by combining multiple services.

  • Generous support

    Customer support that leverages Hitachi's rich experience and expertise in introducing services

    The Hitachi Group uses TWX-21 as its standard e-commerce platform. Based on the experience and expertise we have accumulated inside and outside the Hitachi Group, we provide support for all phases ranging from before installation to after the start of operation. Customer case examples and the latest information about various projects are shared in our user community.

  • Response to globalization

    A platform for business globalization

    TWX-21 supports our customers’ business practices in Asia and in other parts of the world. Our global help desk responds to customer inquiries in six languages. In addition, we are continuously improving our services to meet our customers’ needs.

  • *1 S2C: Source-to-contract. This includes processes from selecting suppliers to issuing quotes and negotiating and concluding an agreement.
  • *2 SCM: Supply chain management. This is a business management technique used to achieve efficiency and optimization of the entire
    by conducting an integrated review of the flow of goods within an industry, from suppliers to end customers.

What is TWX-21?

The business media service TWX-21 is a cloud service that has provided an Internet-based platform for intercompany transactions to approximately 87,000 customers over the course of more than 20 years. On this TWX-21 service platform, Hitachi provides detailed application services related to intercompany business activities, based on factors such as the customer's industry, role, and users.

Find out more

TWX-21: The choice of many customers

  • Number of customers

    Number of issued IDs: 420,000
    (As of Nov.2023)

  • Regions where TWX-21
    is provided
    countries and regions

    The help desk is available in 6 languages

  • Start of service

    Extensive experience with a track-record
    of successful introductions

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