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What is TWX-21?

Speed up intercompany collaboration
as a link in the TWX-21 chain

What is TWX-21?

Speed up intercompany collaboration as a link in the TWX-21 chain

In this era of globalization and change, flexible business collaboration with a large number of partners has become more and more important for companies, and the need has increased for the quick construction of systems for sharing information with multiple companies. Hitachi's TWX-21 is a cloud service (SaaS) that has provided an internet-based platform for business transactions to approximately 84,000 customers over the course of more than 20 years. On this TWX-21 service platform, Hitachi provides detailed application services related to customer business activities, based on factors such as the customer's industry, role, and users. With only an internet connection and a browser environment, users inside and outside Japan can choose from among a wide variety of services that enable collaboration in areas such as design, procurement, production, and sales.

SaaS: Software as a Service

Three features

A diverse lineup of services

Support for supply chain reform in the era of digitalization

  • Support for a wide range of businesses related to supply chains
    TWX-21 provides various business application services that support S2C*1 and SCM*2. These services cover a wide range of business areas for a series of corporate business activities, including design, procurement, production, and sales. TWX-21 provides significant contributions to our customers' businesses through the combination of multiple services, in addition to the provision of individual services.
  • Cloud-based services improve flexibility and reduce the burden associated with operations.
  • *1 S2C: Source-to-contract. This includes processes from selecting suppliers to issuing quotes and negotiating and concluding an agreement.
  • *2 SCM: Supply chain management. This is a business management technique used to achieve efficiency and optimization of the entire process by conducting an integrated review of the flow of goods within an industry, from suppliers to end customers.

Generous support

A wealth of experience and implementation results to support your business operations

  • Incorporation of the Hitachi Group’s expertise
    TWX-21 has been used as the standard e-commerce platform of the Hitachi Group since before it was first provided as a service in 1997. By incorporating expertise developed inside and outside the Hitachi Group, TWX-21 provides generous support for our customers in all phases, from the phase before installation to the phase after operation starts.
  • User community
    Periodic TWX-21 Users Meetings provide an opportunity for our customers to discuss their experiences using the service, and for Hitachi to share the most up-to-date features.

Response to globalization

A platform for business globalization

TWX-21 supports our customers’ business practices in Asia and the rest of the world. The global help desk responds to customer inquiries in 6 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Malay, Thai, and Indonesian). We are continuously improving our functions and service quality to meet our customers’ needs based on feedback from customers around the world.

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